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Please complete all items. If any do not apply to your organization, specify which one and state why it is not applicable.

• Complete legal name of organization
• Address
• 501(c)3 Number
• Contact name and phone number
• List of current board members and affiliations
• Percentage of board members who contribute monetarily to the organization
• Total amount contributed by the board in the last fiscal year
• Total amount leveraged by the board from other sources in the last fiscal year
• Does your organization have a board �Give or Get� policy? Please explain.
• How does the Board demonstrate good governance?
• Mission statement of the organization
• Specific purpose of the grant
• Amount requested (generally up to $5,000)
•Target population
• Geographic area served (North County, East County, South Bay, Downtown)
• Brief history of the organization
• Description of the program including needs to be met, who and how many served, proposed method of service delivery, when and where service will be provided
• Is demand for the proposed program stable, increasing or decreasing?
• Objectives to be achieved including impact of proposed program and how outcomes will be measured
• How your program is different from others
• Describe the qualifications and background of your executive leadership.
• Other sources of funding obtained, pledged, or requested and amounts of each
• What percentage of your overall organization budget is spent on administration?
• What percentage of your overall organization budget is spent on fundraising?
• Does your organization have funds in reserve and, if so, what is this amount?
• Inclusion of the following supporting documentation:
    i.     Copy of 501(c)3 documentation
    ii.    Detailed budget for the proposed project
    iii.   Current operating budget of the organization

Completed applications should be mailed to:
Cushman Foundation
10620 Treena St, Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92131


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